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Assassin is Lilith's third skill tree, of three. The Assassin tree improves upon the effectiveness of Lilith's Action Skill, Phasewalk, as well as some damage buffs. Her other skill trees are Controller and Elemental.


Tier 1[]

  • Slayer: Increases your Critical Hit Damage. (First level: +5% Critical Hit Damage)
  • Silent Resolve: Increases your resistance to damage for a few seconds AFTER Phasewalking. (First level: 14% damage reduction)

    Assassin Skill Tree

Tier 2[]

  • Enforcer: Killing an enemy increases your accuracy and Bullet Damage for a few seconds. (First level: +7% Accuracy and +2% Bullet Damage)
  • Hit & Run: Gain increased melee damage and Phasewalk duration. (First level: +7% Melee Damage, +0.8s Phasewalk duration)

Tier 3[]

  • High Velocity: Increases Bullet Damage and Velocity. (First level: +20% Bullet Velocity, +4% Bullet Damage)
  • Blackout: Killing an enemy reduces the cooldown of Phasewalk. (First level: -1.2s cooldown per kill)

Tier 4[]

  • Phase Strike: Using a melee attack while Phasewalking deals additional damage, at the cost of coming out of phasewalk. (First level: +160% bonus to Melee Damage)

Lilith skills
Controller Elemental Assassin

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