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Asha, also known as Tate is a supporting character in the 2015 comic book retelling of the Borderlands story Borderlands: The Fall of Fyrestone, and Borderlands: Tannis and the Vault from IDW Publishing.


Borderlands: The Fall of Fyrestone

Asha came to Pandora under the assumed identity of "Tate", and settled in the vault hunting boom town of Fyrestone, where she was employed by Marcus Kincaid to welcome and help fellow vault hunters, and to help them settle in. She befriended Claptrap, who often joined her at her post, and danced with her. One day Nine-Toes sent a fake bus to Fyrestone which detonated on arrival as part of his first attack on the city. Asha's head was struck by shrapnel and she entered a coma, leaving her duties to Claptrap as vault hunters fled the city. She had been in her coma for two months by the time that Lilith, Roland, Mordecai, and Brick arrived at Fyrestone for the first time. Claptrap sent her to New Haven to stay in the care of Patricia Tannis.

Borderlands: Tannis and the Vault

Claptrap came to visit Asha when the vault hunters came to New Haven to fight Sledge, and she remained comatose while they talked. Claptrap then listened to recordings detailing Tannis' past and left the room to give her a hug, at which point Asha's brain function returned and she awoke.

When Sledge was defeated, she and Claptrap enjoyed a game of Bunkers and Badasses without letting her know how long she had been in her coma, as Tannis believed it could affect her recovery. However, Claptrap was called away to help the vault hunters rescue Lacktrap from Krom, leaving Asha alone again.

When the final piece of the Vault Key was eaten by a Rakk Hive, the vault hunters were nearly defeated, leaving Tannis, Asha, and Claptrap to rescue them. Claptrap was severely damaged shortly after they arrived, and fearing that she would lose her friend, she revealed her true name and the fact that she was a siren to him before using her powers of animal control to disperse the Rakk swarms, allowing the vault hunters to launch a bomb built into Marcus' bus at the Rakk hive, killing it. Unfortunately, it was too late for Claptrap, who shut down shortly thereafter and was mourned by Marcus, Asha, and Scooter, who danced together to celebrate the life of their fallen comrade.