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Ascendant Khel Vods are enemies that appear in the Guns, Love, and Tentacles dlc for Borderlands 3. They act as brutes and enforcers for Eleanor and the Bonded.


Ascendant Khel Vods have no shield and two health bars. Ascendant Khel Vods have the following attacks:

  • Charge - charges the Vault Hunter with a devastating blow
  • Rock slam - slams fist against the ground sending out line of rocks
  • Giant Shard Throw - grabs a massive red shard from a portal above its head and throws it
  • Back hand - close range melee
  • Energy beam - for about 10 seconds it can fire energy beam from the palm of its right hand dealing massive damage.
  • Its critical hit spot is its head and bubbles on its back, these can be popped if they take too much damage.


In True Vault Hunter Mode and Mayhem Mode, its name changes to Ascendant Khellga Vok.


Ascendant Khel Vod with its back popped