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Dr. Zed: I just ordered some serious merchandise from an arms dealer. Man's gotta protect his business, after all. I'ma need you to pick up the shipments quick as you can.

(Mission objectives update: (PAUSED) 02:00 Go to first mailbox)

(Vault Hunter picks up content of the first mailbox.)

Dr. Zed: Ooh, that arm's lookin' good. He musta worked out.

(Mission objectives update: Pick up arms: 1/5, Open mailboxes: 1/5)

(Vault Hunter picks up content of the second mailbox.)

Dr. Zed: That arm musta belonged to a seamstress or somethin'. You can tell from the metatarsels.

(Vault Hunter picks up content of the third mailbox.)

Dr. Zed: You nearly got 'em all! Just keep hustlin'!

(Vault Hunter picks up content of the fourth mailbox.)

Dr. Zed: Not much time left before those go bad -- better hurry!

(Vault Hunter picks up content of the fifth mailbox.)

Dr. Zed: Good hustle! Just put those babies in my PO box and we'll see if that arms dealer lives up to his reputation.

(Mission objectives update: Put arms in P.O. box)

(If Vault Hunter fails to deliver the goods in alotted tim ...)

Dr. Zed: Crap! The goods have spoiled by now.

(Vault Hunter puts arms into P.O. box.)

Dr. Zed: Now those are some pristine limbs. Well done.

(Vault Hunter turns in the mission.)

Dr. Zed: Well, there's a joke somewhere about how those cost me an arm and a leg. I can't thinka one right now, 'course, but I could sell those for a fortune.