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Armored Skags are skags that have been harnessed for riding. They can only be found in Lynchwood, under the service of the rats and the Sheriff's Posse.



Armored Skags are heavily armored skags with a rider. Once their rider has been killed, they will adopt one of two combat methods. The first is a charge with considerable knock-back effect. The other is a spitting attack, where the skag horks large yellow balls. These balls are explosive in nature and will explode upon contact with the target or if they miss, after a few seconds. Armored Skags are vulnerable to corrosive damage.


  • If under the service of Sheriff's Possy, they are named Sheriff's Armored Skag and their name remains unchanged regardless of the game mode.
  • If under the service of Rats, in True Vault Hunter Mode their name remains unchanged, and in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode they are renamed Ironclad Skag.