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Aries is a pearlescent revolver manufactured by Atlas.

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Special Weapon Effects[]

Your Life Is Mine – Shock and transfusion rounds. Increased Damage.

Drop Guide[]

The Aries has a chance to drop from Badass Lance Defenders. The Aries can also be dropped from Crawmerax and found in Crimson Lance weapon chests.

Usage & Description[]

The Aries' only stat modifier is increased damage, but it tends to spawn with great parts and material. Due to its mandatory shock/transfusion accessory, the Aries rips through shields with ease. The shock damage in particular benefits its transfusion rounds as it only activates when the shield of the target has been depleted. Its healing effects are strong enough to turn the tide of a battle, but should not be relied upon for any primary health regeneration.


  • The Aries will not produce transfusion trails when wielded by an enemy. It only has a chance to produce the transfusion effect when wielded by a Vault Hunter.
  • The only legitimate prefix is 'Pearl'.
  • The healing trails will head towards the nearest Vault Hunter but will heal anyone upon contact, including enemies who stray into the return path.
  • The transfusion effect still triggers on dead enemies, as long as the ragdoll has not been disabled.
  • Like the transfusion grenade's trails, the healing trails off of the Aries' rounds disappear after a set distance, limiting its effectiveness.


The Aries effect comes from the acc5_Heal_AtlasAries accessory. It is based off of acc3_Shock. Unlike every other legendary elemental accessory, acc5_Heal_AtlasAries only provides a standard +6 tech, the same as a normal accessory. That said, it does give a (relatively) massive +30% damage, which is doubly significant in that: A normal elemental accessory gives -40% damage. No other (non-unique) accessory can provide a damage boost to revolvers. The Aries is made of Material_Aries_3, which is equivalent to Material_Atlas_3. The Aries does not have any particular part restrictions. For an explanation on how to interpret the information on the following table, please see the stat modifiers page.

acc5_Heal_AtlasAries acc3_Shock
Damage: +30%
Tech Level: +6
Damage: -40%
Tech Level: +6