Arid Nexus - Badlands is an area in Borderlands 2.

Arid Nexus- Bandlands is what was originally named Arid Badlands in Borderlands. This area still consists of places from the original Badlands such as the house of T.K. Baha, the starting area/bus stop and Fyrestone.

Noticeably different is the presence of many Hyperion installations, particularly Eridium pipelines and an overpass situated above Fyrestone. Also present are pools of slag, the greatest concentration of which being directly forward from Fyrestone and in its outer regions.



In the first Borderlands game, jumping on top of Marcus' hut would enable the player to see an off-map claptrap robot waving and speaking to the player. Jumping on top of the same hut when in Arid Nexus will present the player with a weapon box. Next to the weapon box is an identical dead claptrap.

Dr. Zed's hut

Dr. Zed's original infirmary is now shielded with electricity and contains a red weapon box. The fuse box to shut off the shield is on top of a makeshift tower down the northward path into the starting area. The fuse box can be shot from the overpass or from a fallen water tower adjacent to the fuse box's tower, or simply by jumping and shooting from below.

Borderlands 1 Pup Skag


A level 2 Pup Skag

While most skags in the area are levelled reasonably close to where the player should be, approaching a hole in the large open area where Saturn appears will reveal one of them is lagging behind and is more appropriately levelled for the first game.

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