Arid Hills is located north of The Arid Badlands. To the north-east there is a connection to Sledge's Safe House.


The Arid Hills is an area under the dominion of bandits led by Sledge. The bandits here have several lesser strongholds and the area otherwise serves as home to a number of skags.



Notable Enemies

Points of Interest

  • The entrance to Sledge's safe house is to the north-east, guarded by a bandit camp. Find sniper rifle components here.
  • In the middle there is another bandit camp, with a rakk hive near the adjacent New-U station.
  • On a plateau west of the bandit camp in the middle, there is another rakk hive.
  • There is also a bandit camp hidden in the north-north west, with a red chest.
  • There is another red chest on the roof of the entrance to Sledge's safe house.
  • Moe and Marley hang around the north-west.
  • The rest of the area is densely populated with skags.
  • The rise on the right of the entrance has very good loot hidden in the lootable objects there.


Weapon Crates

Main article: Arid Hills: Weapon Crate Locations


  • A very tough area in Playthrough 2.5, it is very common to see two badass skags or bandits appearing together here, even in single player.
  • Although thought to be unreachable, the bandit bridge next to the first bandit camp can be reached, by jumping on the various metal steps, and then grenade jumping over a large gap to get on top. The top has no loot, although if a bandit died on top of the bridge, their weapons will most likely be still up there. The bridge also serves as an excellent sniping spot.

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