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This is an article about standard arenas. For the arena of Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot, see: Underdome.

An arena is a player versus player area, players are awarded the achievement/trophy "Can't We Get BEYOND Thunderdome?" for winning a single match.

Arid Badlands - Fyrestone Coliseum[]

The Fyrestone Coliseum arena is a very typical arena. The geography is basically a large circle with a few blocks near the center to provide cover. The outer rim is slightly raised above the rest of the level, creating a small crater in the middle. It is not advisable to stand in the middle during a match because characters will be exposed in the center of the arena and enemies will have the height advantage.

Arid Badlands Map collesium point

Arid Badlands map with arena highlighted


  • Circular
  • Closed area (indoors)
  • Blocks in the center
  • Accessible after the first couple missions
  • Small, for fast-paced battles.
  • Suitable for any character class

Rust Commons West - The Cesspool[]

The Cesspool arena is set in a sewer. It has 2 levels, a lower, sewage-filled area that opens into an area filled with pillars, and a balcony with an open wall to fire down upon the pillared area.

Rust Commons West arena

Rust Commons West map with arena highlighted


  • Square
  • Closed (indoors)
  • Square-Pillared area
  • Semi-domed and water logged sewer area
  • Can get rather confusing due to size
  • Good for Brick, Roland
  • Bad for Mordecai

Salt Flats - Devil's Footstool[]

The Devil's Footstool is an elevated, semi-circular outdoor arena. The map is larger than the Fyrestone Coliseum and contains more obstacles for cover. It is possible to fall off the plateau.

Salt Flats map arena

Salt Flats map with arena highlighted


  • Semi-circular
  • Outdoors
  • Many pillars spread out among the map
  • Good for Mordecai and Roland
  • Bad for Brick