Tesla Grenade

Tesla Grenade

The Area of Effect grenades are a common Grenade Mod manufactured by Vladof.


Area of effect grenades are always elemental and instead of exploding they create a field that deals continuous damage over time on a wide area. These grenades can be used effectively in tight spaces and choke points to punish enemy movement, can create a safe area against non-projectile enemies, and work well against stationary or slow moving targets.

In Borderlands 2 Area of Effect grenades can only spawn with shock, fire or corrosive elemental accessory, while explosive and slag are not available. In Borderlands The Pre-Sequel there is also a Cryo version. Each element has slightly different visual effects but the usage is similar for all subtypes, however the Shock versions will not target the player or cloaked/invisible enemies, and the Cryo version is made all the more useful as it can freeze enemies in place to keep them from escaping the Area of Effect.

Area of Effect grenades have unique nomenclature that differs from the rest of grenade mods: both the adjective for the element and the payload name that defines the grenade type are replaced by a single word.

There are three types of Area of Effect grenades in Borderlands 2, and 4 in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel:

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