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Are You From These Parts? is the first story mission in Claptrap's New Robot Revolution. It given by Tannis which needs parts of claptraps for her amazing project.


"Patricia Tannis needs parts to build her magnificent… something. Head down to the Hyperion Dump and search the scrapped claptraps for parts and bring them back to her."



Are You From These Parts?

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Bring Tannis some claptrap parts.
  • Clap-Component #1
  • Clap-Component #2
  • Clap-Component #3
  • Clap-Component #4
  • Clap-Component #5


Scour the Hyperion Dump for Claptrap parts. Each part location is marked on the compass by a waypoint, and can be found on the ground adjacent to a non-functional Claptrap. The area is occupied by bandits who will emerge from ambush positions on the approaches to most of the parts. The last marker is inside a small fortified structure in the area, guarded by the Hyperion Recon Team who are battling a number of hostile Claptraps. Inside the palisade with the last part is a surprise encounter with a boss, the Hyperion 'Super-Bad' Soldier.


"You got Tannis her parts! Of course she's still got a couple of screws loose."

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  • Text of Claptrap Part item: This looks like some strange component from a claptrap.