Archimedes, The Anointed is an Anointed enemy located in Ambermire in Borderlands 3.


Archimedes used to be an intergalactic smuggler and a buddy of Clay. Both of them were caught stealing from Montgomery Jakobs; while Clay got caught, Archimedes managed to get away scot-free.

While Clay was directly involved with helping Montgomery, Archimedes was instead part of "The Rogues", Clay's team of undercover operatives. He broke the trust of the Rogues and Clay when he accepted Aurelia's offer of the Eden-7 system (more specifically, two planets and enough cash to build a waterslide between them). By then, he faked his death, joined the Children of the Vault, and became part of The Anointed.


Archimedes is encountered during the main mission Going Rogue.



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