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Archer Rowe is a respawnable mini-boss encountered in Borderlands 3. He is a unique Badass Pyrotech Heavy first encountered during the Dynasty Diner mission.



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  • Archer Rowe has an increased chance to drop the legendary Mind Sweeper class mod.
  • Archer Rowe may have an increased chance in dropping the legendary Back Ham shield.
  • Prior to the July 23 2020 patch, Archer Rowe was a non-respawnable enemy.


  • Archer Rowe more than likely is a reference to the 2019 mobile game Archero.
  • Archer Rowe could also be a reference to the exercise known as Archer Row, which has a few ways of being done. For example, one way you take a resistance band, hold it with one arm out straight pointing upwards, while the other hand pulls the band back towards yourself in a similar fashion to shooting a bow and arrow.