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Arch Guardians are guardian enemies encountered in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. It is one of the highest tiers of Eridian flying guardians, it has a white body with purple/pink wing and body attachments and with it-the guardian is able to transform into elemental charged guardians.


First encounter with Arch Guardian occurs at Tycho's Ribs during the story mission Beginning of the End. Most notably, a single Arch Guardian appears as the final guardian spawn (occasionally before) at the compression chamber in Tycho's Ribs. They also spawn in later discovered Eleseer. These guardians are known to be more rare than the common cheru.

Later encounters with Arch Guardians happen in The Holodome Onslaught DLC after the 2nd round in the Digistructed Madness.



Similar to Guardian Wraiths, these guardians are able to transform into different elements, however-their name doesn't change to Static Arch Guardian, etc. With their elements, fire variants can deal massive damage to players unaware of their shield. Corrosive is similar with the fire, but shouldn't be as much of the threat due to players being armor-free. Shock arch guardians are able to deplete shields and move at a speedy pace-making them more hard to hit. Other than that, all their attacks are similar to the Sera Guardian, and they will occasionally fight on the ground. They also have more health than other guardians.



  • It is unknown why Arch Guardians are much more rare in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel than Borderlands, it could be due to their difficulty in fighting.

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