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Arbalest is the robotic enemy in Borderlands 3, used by Maliwan. It is first met at Skywell-27.



Arbalest utilizes missile attacks in various configurations (single missiles, missile barrage etc). It is also able to quickly "slide" around battlefield, but its size makes it an easy target. As a robot devoid of any kind of shields it is susceptible to corrosive damage.

Critical spot is located at the core in its waist.


  • The word "arbalest" is Latin for "crossbow."
  • Arbalest may be a reference to the video game series Armored Core. It resembles some of the game's mobile suits and uses missiles and jump jets in the same way.
  • Another possible reference is to the Full Metal Panic series where the protagonist pilots a mech of the same name.
  • In Mayhem Mode and True Vault Hunter Mode, they are renamed Ballista.