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Aquator appears to be a Planet with some small islands on one giant ocean covering its surface. Its main functions are tourism and providing water for other planets.


  • The planet's slogan is "One Planet, One Ocean" and in the bottom part of the poster, there are the words "Luxury Vacation Villas, Tourism Resorts & Transgalactic Aquatic Resources".

It is the homeworld of Saul Henderson.

Poster locations[]

The poster advertising the planet has been observed in numerous locations on Pandora, including:

  • Treacher's Landing in the western part of the center of the map
  • Krom's Canyon
  • Tartarus Station on a building near the train tracks.
  • Under Tannis's desk.
  • T-bone Junction main entrance building
  • On the roof of Dr. Zed's place in Sanctuary
  • Lying on top of the roof of a building to the south-east of the Sanctuary town square

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