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Antagonist is a seraph shield exclusive to the Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC for Borderlands 2 and is manufactured by Maliwan.
It can only be obtained from trading with the Seraph Vendor in Flamerock Refuge.

Special Weapon Effects[]

I'm rubber, you're glue. – Deflects enemy bullets with increased damage toward nearby enemies. When active, provides damage reduction and launches homing balls of slag at an attacker if damaged. Increased shield capacity. Reduced recharge delay and recharge rate.

Usage and Description[]

The Antagonist is a versatile shield, and while designed to be useful primarily against gun-wielding enemies, its secondary effect of launching homing slag balls will also activate from melee and ranged non-bullet damage. However, the slag balls will explode on impact on most surfaces and can be blocked by cover. Care should be taken when hiding behind cover, as it may detonate too close and slag the user.

Due to the buffed effect of slag in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, the Antagonist can be especially useful for slagging enemies, often saving the trouble of needing to swap weapons. However, this should not be relied upon.


  • This shield may not be effective on Krieg using the Mania or Hellborn trees, due to Krieg damaging himself too much for the Antagonist's effects to activate.
    • At the same time, with even partial shield capacity, the homing slag balls are welcome when using Buzz Axe Rampage. This may be most notable with points in Blood Trance extending the duration of Buzz Axe Rampage, during which Krieg is unable to apply slag on his own.
  • Deflected bullets are considered to be shots fired by a Vault Hunter. This will trigger relevant skills from all characters as if they attacked an enemy and if an enemy is killed by the Antagonist, kill skills will be triggered.
    • Kills via deflected bullets count toward weapon challenge progress. The enemy's bullet and gun type determine which of the character's weapon challenges, and in some cases may be exploited for specific challenges. Crouching, for example, if an enemy is wielding an assault rifle, will add to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Assault Rifle kills.
    • This aspect of the shield's functionality interacts poorly with skills that encourage not firing. For instance, Gaige's Interspersed Outburst is expended every time a bullet is deflected, making it difficult to obtain stacks while taking fire from such projectiles.
    • Like absorb shields, the projectile reflection only works with handheld weapons. For instance, shots from a WAR Loader's autocannon will not be deflected.
  • The Antagonist cannot spawn with any Maliwan parts, preventing it from granting elemental status effect immunities.


  • The flavor text is a reference to the saying, "I'm rubber, you're glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you."
  • It is the only shield that utilizes the slag element in the entire game.
  • The Antagonist is a modified version of a Vladof absorb shield. This can be seen from the HUD icon, which displays the icon of an absorb shield.
  • The Antagonist has the same skin that is used for purple-rarity Maliwan shields.