Anointed Tinks are Anointed versions of midgets encountered in Borderlands 3.


Anointed Tinks are very rare spawns and are easily distinguished by their purple complexion. They possess Phasewalk abilities like their Anointed brethren, but appear to have incredibly unstable combat abilities.

Anointed Tinks will constantly teleport in combat, swapping from one of the following forms each time:

  • Their default form, running around like a standard Tink.
  • A miniature form, used to run away or perform sneak punches.
  • A slightly larger form that runs comically towards the player.
  • A larger form that performs powerful karate punches and kicks.
  • A larger form that stays in one spot and fires an Assault Rifle.
  • A gargantuan form that stays in one spot and constantly throws purple explosive balls.


Borderlands 3


Anointed Tinks make fairly long pauses inbetween their attacks which leave them exposed and vulnerable. Strong Incendiary weapons should be used.


  • In Mayhem mode, they are renamed Anointed Aggro Tink.

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