Anointed Psychos are Anointed enemies encountered in Borderlands 3. They are regular Psychos who have been anointed by Troy or Tyreen and granted special powers. They are easily distinguished by their purple complexion and faces painted in yellow.


Borderlands 3


Anointed Psychos are rare spawns but very capable and dangerous foes. They move around the battlefield at a slow pace but are capable to change their position extremely fast. They have two distictive phases, each with different physical appearance and attack patterns. In the first phase, they use standard Psycho attack patterns albeit at a much slower speed; so slow that can be easily avoided. Once their health drops down to about 30%, Anointed Psychos take shape of a Badass Psycho and ability to throw energy orbs.

Anointed Psychos are immune to cryo damage.

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