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Anointed Psychos are Anointed enemies encountered in Borderlands 3. They are regular Psychos who have been anointed by Troy or Tyreen and granted special powers. They are easily distinguished by their purple complexion and faces painted in yellow.



Anointed Psychos are rare spawns but like other Anointed enemies, they are very dangerous foes that are capable of quickly downing the character if they are not attentive or prepared.

Like all Anointed enemies, Anointed Psychos have vastly increased health and damage output but at the cost of having a noticeably slower movement and attack speed. However, they can Phasewalk over moderate distances, and will employ it regularly to either avoid damage or to get close to their target. Additionally, like other Anointed, they are immune to Cryo damage and are vulnerable to Incendiary.

Anointed Psychos have three distinct phases that change as their health decreases. During each phase, Anointed Psychos will slow down significantly right before attacking, giving a false sense of security to the player. They will then capitalize on this by phasewalking near the player before swinging their melee weapon for extreme damage.

  • During their first phase, they behave in the same way as regular psychos, save for their ability to deflect projectiles with their buzz axes.
  • When their health reaches roughly 66%, they will stop and activate their second phase wherein the start to behave more like Badass Psychos. During the second phase, they deal additional damage and have a higher chance of deflecting projectiles.
  • When their health drops to roughly 33%, they will generate an energy orb and carry out a "suicide" rush, detonating the orb when they get close to the character. This attack deals extreme damage if the character is caught in the blast radius. Note that the explosion does not damage the Anointed Psycho, but does stun them momentarily. Afterwards, they will then alternate acting like a Badass Psycho and carrying out "suicide" rushes.


  • Like all Anointed enemies, they turn into a breakable pile of Eridium when killed. They also have a higher chance of dropping Anointed equipment.
  • In Mayhem Mode, they are renamed to "Anointed Maniac".