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Anointed Hags are Anointed enemies encountered in Borderlands 3. They are regular Hags who have been anointed by Troy or Tyreen and granted special powers. They are easily distinguished by their purple complexion and faces painted in yellow.



Anointed Hags are rare spawns but like other Anointed enemies, they are very dangerous foes that are capable of quickly downing the character if they are not attentive or prepared.

Like all Anointed enemies, Anointed Hags have vastly increased health and damage output but at the cost of having a noticeably slower movement and attack speed. However, they can Phasewalk over moderate distances, and will employ it regularly to either avoid damage or to get close to their target. Additionally, like other Anointed, they are immune to Cryo damage and are vulnerable to Incendiary.

Anointed Hags have two new forms of attack:

  • Laser Cannon - Instead of having a cryo cannon, the Anointed Hag's main weapon is now capable of shooting a straight, purple laser.
  • Energy Javelin - The Anointed Hag is capable of tossing a purple Javelin to pierce and do massive damage to the Vault Hnter.

Anointed Hags have a bar of shield and a bar of health, however, while their shield is up, which manifests as a dome around their head, they are immune to headshot damage.


  • Like all Anointed enemies, they turn into a breakable pile of Eridium when killed. They also have a higher chance of dropping Anointed equipment.