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Anointed Fanatics are Anointed enemies encountered in Borderlands 3. They are regular Fanatics who have been anointed by Troy or Tyreen and granted special powers. They are easily distinguished by their purple complexion and faces painted in yellow.



Anointed Fanatics are rare spawns but very capable and dangerous foes. They do not move much around the battlefield but are capable to change their position extremely fast. They have three major attacks:

  • From both of their hands, and with great precision, they launch small glowing orbs which explode on impact inflicting large amount of damage.
  • A body swirl which releases number of dark-pink orbs in semi-circular pattern. These fast moving orbs are released in general direction of the intended victim and deal a large amount of damage on impact.
  • They can create a large, bright-glowing, slow-moving sphere which slowly homes in on the target and explodes on contact. These spheres can be easily avoided but can not be destroyed.


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