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The Anointed Alpha.

The Anointed are a special type of enemy encountered in Borderlands 3. They are followers of the Children of the Vault that have been granted powers by Troy Calypso. Anointed can be distinguished by their purple skin or glowing hue, courtesy of being empowered by Phaselock.


The Anointed are the result of Troy Calypso's experiments with the Siren powers he gained from Maya. They are given some background story during the side mission Malevolent Practice, in which Troy uses the prisoners in The Anvil to create the first Anointed after several failures.

Troy first showcases his ability to create Anointed during Lair of the Harpy, where he turns a Goliath into Billy, the Anointed.

As the Anointed are followers of the Children of the Vault, they only appear as human enemies.


All Anointed are given special abilities, but share a handful of traits. They have very low speed and are only capable of moving at a walking pace, but have extremely high health to compensate. Despite this, they have high mobility, as they have the ability to Phasewalk and teleport towards opponents. They essentially act as rare tank units. All Anointed cannot be frozen by Cryo damage, but they can be slowed by it.

A defeated Anointed.

When defeated, Anointed will thrash about furiously before turning into Eridium statues. They can then be shattered using the Eridium Resonator Vault Reward, causing them to drop a handful of loot. Even though they do not technically "die" until their statues are smashed, they are considered defeated and can trigger a Second Wind.

Anointed enemies killed with Radiation explode upon meleeing their crystalized bodies with the possibility of downing the player. It is recommended for vault hunters to wait approximately five to ten seconds for the radiation to dissipate before destroying the statue in order to prevent unnecessary friendly fire.

Anointed Types

Children of the Vault



  • In Normal mode, Anointed cannot be encountered before Billy, the Anointed is defeated. In True Vault Hunter Mode and Mayhem Mode, they can be found as early as Ascension Bluff.
  • At higher Mayhem levels, multiple Anointed can spawn at once. This is most prominent in The Anvil, and can pose a significant threat even to prepared players.
  • Except for the Anointed Alpha, who is clad in armor, all other Anointed enemies are treated as a flesh enemy.


  • Before Troy Calypso decided on the name "Anointed", he considered calling them "Troy-Boys" or "Supercharged Glowing Mega Badasses".