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For the similarly named optional missions in Borderlands 2, see Animal Rescue: Medicine and Animal Rescue: Shelter.

Animal Rescue: Food is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 given by Dukino. It becomes available only after Animal Rescue: Medicine is complete.


"After healing the hungry skag's wounds, you discovered he was starving as well. Maybe you could fill his belly with some chow."



Feed the hungry skag.
  • Pick up skag tongues: 0/5 
  • Feed Dukino


Five skags must be shot in the mouth to get their tongues. There are skags in Lynchwood, to the south of the town entrance, near the elevator that leads to the Old Mine. There are only three skags in this area, so it might be faster to fast travel to Three Horns - Valley, since there are numerous skags there, and they are close to the Fast Travel station. The tongues can also be found on the mounted skags around the south side of the map.


"Dukino looks considerably bigger, but considerably happier, as well."

Turn In: Dukino


  • Text of Skag Tongue item reads: A tasty, skag-based treat.

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