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Angels and Speed Demons is a story mission in Borderlands 3 given by Patricia Tannis.


"You've rescued Tannis! No time for celebrating, though, the Calypsos are planning something at their stronghold. It's time to rally your allies and bring fight to them."



  • Return to Sanctuary
  • Report to Lilith
  • Talk to Lilith
  • Have Vaughn rally support
  • Defend Roland's Rest
  • Kill Brayden
  • Speak to Vaughn
  • Assault COV defenses
  • Retreat to Roland's Rest
  • Regroup with Vaughn
  • Go to Konrad's Hold
  • Find Tannis' hidden lab
    • Go the long way around
    • Open transport door
    • Break floor
    • Melee minecart
    • Kill varkids
    • Melee minecart
  • Enter lab
  • Disengage couplings (4)
  • Load reactor
  • Go to garage
  • Drive Vaughn's technical
  • Drive reactor to safety
    • Digistruct Vaughn's technical at Catch-A-Ride (optional, if the technical gets destroyed)
    • Destroy big gas tank
  • Meet Vaughn in Roland's Rest
  • Speak to Vaughn


The first part of the mission involves fighting off COV foes and a single anointed enemy, which are easily dispatched by incendiary weapons. The assault into Konrad's hold is likewise similar, as varkids are also fleshy, and the only armored enemies are badasses (both varkid and COV alike). The rest of the mission is a long drive through Sandblast Scar while evading COV Outrunners


"Whoa. Sorry. I, uh, got a little carried away there. Anyway... We'll guard the Eridian flippity-flo and rally the troops. When Lilith gives the word, it's go time. Oh, and can you ask the lady-ghost-head-friend to stay out of my head from eight to eleven? That's where I keep my "special thoughts"."

Turn In: Tannis


  • The Monster Wheels upgrade for the Bandit Technical were intended to be unlocked by this mission. A bug prevented them from being unlocked until March 26 2020, and retroactive fixes were applied on April 2 2020.
  • The COV Outrunners in Sandblast Scar can contain turret upgrades for the Outrunner.
  • Vaughn's Technical contains Heavy Armor, Monster Wheels, a unique paintjob, and a filled cargo hold with the regular boost. The rest are default parts.

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