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Anchormen are front-line brutes among the ranks of the sand pirates. They take their name from the pair of admiral's anchors that they wield in combat.

Notable Anchormen



Anchormen move at a sedate pace, making no effort to seek cover, relying solely on their own fortitude when taking fire. Despite their large target profile and slow speed they are formidable opponents who are very hard to kill.

The two anchors are wielded both offensively and defensively. When Anchormen reach short range, they lash out with one of them to hook an opponent and reel them in. Once the Anchorman has pulled a target close, he then whips both anchors around in a devastating flurry. When an Anchorman is made to flinch he will stop and draw his anchors up to his chest. This shields him from attacks and causes bullets to ricochet away, making it more difficult to make quick, consecutive shots at their "eye", their critical spot.

Attacks directed against Anchormen have surprisingly poor results for damage to a common enemy, and even powerful incendiary attacks can take time to wear them down. The real danger to attackers however, is when they stray into range of an Anchorman's ranged attack. In this case the pull can cause momentary disorientation ahead of a strong series of melee strikes, and in some rare cases can also pull a Vault Hunter off precipitous elevations, and to their doom. It is therefore usually more prudent to outrun them and attack from long range, unless the terrain provides suitable cover to block the thrown anchor at closer ranges.


  • Regardless of the game mode, their name remains unchanged.

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