Anarchy is a legendary shotgun in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Tediore. It can be obtained randomly from any enemy that appears in Guns, Love, and Tentacles, but has an increased chance of dropping from Kukuwajack in Negul Neshai.

Special Weapon Effects

The stacks... THE STACKS! – Every kill or reload grants a 30% damage bonus and reduces accuracy. Damage bonus is multiplicative and stacks up to 10 times. It is reset if the weapon is put away, the user is downed, or changes zones. Base damage type is always splash. Projectiles ricochet off the environment once towards enemies. Critical hits ricochet towards enemies.

Usage & Description

This weapon aims to replicate an Anarchy-based playstyle from Borderlands 2, giving the gun a gradual increase in damage in exchange for some accuracy. It accomplishes this extremely well, with high stacks allowing the shotgun to deal abnormally high damage that can even exceed rocket launchers. Shooting at long ranges even with high stacks still works when scope is used.

Users should aim to keep the gun out as often as possible, as the damage bonus is reset when it is switched out. The reload mechanic should also be considered, as some versions may use the "explode when shot" module and cause the user to lose all stacks from accidental downs.


  • The damage bonus can be stacked up to 10 times. It is multiplicative so 10 stacks will result in 1370% damage increase. As stacks are gained, the Anarchy gains a black and red pulsing outline. That outline stays on zone change, but stacks are set to 1. Consecutive travel will reset it to 0.
  • Anarchy deals splash damage, but projectiles are not explosive. Shooting point-blank at environment will not damage the user, but doing the same with enemies will.
    • Anarchy receives passive splash damage bonuses and can spawn with a splash damage Anointment.
  • Each bullet from the Anarchy appears as a flaming line, and the screen shakes whenever the gun is fired.
  • An Anarchy that use 2 ammo per shot can be incredible effective despite the lower damage as the more often the character reloads, the more stacks they gain.
  • This gun works well for a Moze character specced with ammo regen. The user can kill chains of enemies with the ammo regen removing the need to reload, leading to stacks building quickly and making the weapon deadly against mobs.

Fl4k's Fade Away bug with the Anarchy.

  • A bug can occur for FL4K when Fade Away is used. The gun will retain the semi-transparent look of the invisibility even after the effect ends. This will persist through gun changes but is entirely cosmetic.
  • After a hotfix, the Anarchy receives a stack after manually reloading. It is unknown if this is a bug or an intentional change.


  • The flavor text and special effect are a reference to Gaige's Anarchy skill in Borderlands 2. Its ricocheting bullets are based off a standard Anarchy build, which involves use of the Close Enough skill to offset Anarchy's harsh accuracy decrease.
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