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Anarchy is the title of a group of submachine guns that fire four bullets at the cost of 2 ammo, while having increased spread.

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Usage & Description[]

The Anarchy, being an SMG that fires multiple projectiles, is a weapon more suited for short range encounters. The four bullets per shot paired with the high fire rate may make the Anarchy an excellent weapon against large enemies or at close range, but its perks come with a price. The Anarchy possesses an extremely low accuracy, making it a very difficult weapon to use at any distance greater than 20 feet. At short range, the Anarchy should be used in a manner similar to machine pistols, or a high firerate shotgun.

At long range, the Anarchy should almost never be used, unless fighting a larger enemy, such as a Rakk Hive, or Crawmerax. Killing smaller enemies, such as Midgets, at long range is near impossible due to the Anarchy's lack of accuracy.

Even at moderately close range, achieving critical hits may pose a challenge. The most efficient method is to hip-fire in bursts, just below the critical hit area of an enemy. It would be wise to get as close as possible to the intended target before firing and quickly take it out before taking too much damage.

A scope on an Anarchy can prove to be extremely useful, as it maintains accuracy of bursts and nullifies the lower accuracy when firing for an extended duration. The lowest scope (1.7x) is best for close quarters.

Note that Anarchies will never be elemental due to requiring the "Double" accessory, and by extension will never be Maliwan manufactured. Anarchies also require low starting accuracy, which means Hyperion also does not manufacture any Anarchies. This also means they can only spawn with the two lowest-tier barrels, which, while being blue rarity at minimum, gives Anarchies relatively lax standards to spawn.

Of the remaining manufacturers, Torgue can make extremely potent Anarchies, with their high damage and increased fire rates compared to Dahl or Tediore equivalents.


Anarchy is a Title(Title_LowAccuracy1_Anarchy) that is bestowed on SMGs that have both the Double accessory (acc4_Double) and a low accuracy rating (approx. less than 70%). The Anarchy title further increases the magazine size, adds two extra projectiles (with no further change to ammo cost) and massively increases spread. The resulting weapon is the combination of the modifiers of both the accessory and the title. Please see stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.

acc4_Double Title_LowAccuracy1_Anarchy both
Damage: -18%
Shot Cost: +1
Projectile Count: +1
Spread: +75%
Clip Size: +20%

Projectile Count: +2
Spread: +200%
Clip Size: +30%
Damage: -18%
Shot Cost: +1
Projectile Count: +3
Spread: +275%
Clip Size: +50%