An Urgent Message is a mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Nakayama requests help to deliver an important message to Jack.



  • Access security office
  • Kill security guards
  • Talk to Nakayama
  • Access terminal
  • Shoot terminal
  • Defend Nakayama
  • Upload message


Professor Nakayama is being held captive in the Harren Lockup by Zarpedon's troops. Several guards present at the facility must be eliminated before attempting to free Nakayama from his cell. Trying to unlock prison cells using a nearby terminal raises an alarm and two waves of Lost Legion soldiers rush in to deal with the intruders. The Vault Hunters must protect Nakayama while he uploads the message. Once all of the attackers have been killed and the message sent, the mission can be turned in.


Oh wait, there's an extra word in there... love. Love life or death. Sorry about that.

Turn in: Professor Nakayama


  • Although Nakayama will react when shot, he is invincible and will never die during the mission.

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