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An Acquired Taste is an optional mission in Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt given by Sir Hammerlock.



  • Go to lair
  • Perform human sacrifice
  • Find a volunteer (optional)
  • Kill Bulstoss


The first step to hunt Bulstoss, a specific borok, is simply to find its lair, and this is obscured a little by the need to enter a tunnel near a Catch-A-Boat station south and slightly west of the Aegrus Sophisticates' Lodge and throw a switch to open a portcullis at the entrance. Beyond that, an elevator is used to rise to an expansive upper level, sparsely populated by savages. Once on top, the waypoint marker provides an accurate beacon to the lair.

Bulstoss must be lured from its cave, and in order to do this it needs to catch the scent of a human meal. There are two ways to achieve this. The first is to walk into a crude crusher and throw the switch. The crusher has a jagged array of metal blades fastened to its ceiling and these will send a character immediately into Fight For Your Life. This can pose a problem if the only available targets for a second wind are too distant to effectively target, or they are too tough to kill before the bleed out time runs down. Alternately, the optional objective shows the second way, by luring any savage through the crusher, one of them will stop in the crusher and will not move or attack, a Vault Hunter can then pull the switch from the outside, which will kill the savage and lure out Bulstoss.

When battle is joined, it can quickly become a chaotic affair. Bulstoss is accompanied by other boroks, and nearby savages will also join in, sparking a three-way fight. Partially Digested Head Hunters will ignore both the other savages and the boroks, and rush to attack any nearby Vault Hunter instead.


"The only good flesh-eating borok is a dead flesh-eating borok. Or a really rare one named "Devin." He's cool."

Turn In: Sir Hammerlock


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  • The mission completes if the savages kill Bulstoss.