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The marshes of Eden-6 suffer from an overabundance of precipitation and vegetation. Common wisdom among Pandorans hold that this must be some kind of sick cosmic joke.
— In-game description

Ambermire is a location on Eden-6 in Borderlands 3.


Ambermire used to inhabited by several Jakobs members. Now it's just an "oily gradeyard", according to Clay. The Ambermire is another portion of the swamp lands of Eden-6 littered with more wrecked colony ships.



  • Agent Double Dee Seven
  • Agent Quietfoot
  • Agent Domino

Common Enemies

Notable Enemies

Points of Interest

Curltail Warren

Delvin's Dock

A small swamp village built near a oil drilling rig. Inhabited by COV

Highground Folly

Mirefall Rigs

A oil drilling platform inhabited by COV

The Moist Hoist

An overlook near a crashed jakobs frigate. Inhabited by Jabbers

The Mudnecks' Hideoud

Rogue's Hollow

A hideout in the bridge of a crashed Jakobs frigate.

Soggybog Rigs

Tig's Big Rig


Main Missions

Side Missions

Crew Challenges


  • Water around here is contaminated by oil and may be lit on fire by Incendiary attacks.


  • Title given by the game is "Oil Fields".