Amber Management is a unique assault rifle in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Torgue. Amber Management is obtained from the mission Homeopathological.

Special Weapon Effects

Will end your soul. – Always incendiary. Normal mode (Anger) is fully automatic and only fires impact bullets. Kills in Anger increase damage by 25% up to 4 times, for a total of +100%. Anger stacks are lost upon switching weapons. Alternative Fire mode (Happiness) heals and removes Anger on a direct hit.

Usage & Description

The Amber Management has the rare trait of being a fully automatic Torgue weapon, making it easier to use in general combat. It can also gain some decent damage (up to double) after gaining enough kills. However, this is offset by its largely mediocre damage and fire rate, limiting the weapon's effectiveness especially at higher difficulties. Its alternate firing mode is inconsistent due to its low healing rate, and is of questionable use since the user will lose all of their damage bonus stacks.

Moze benefits the most from this weapon due to her focus on splash and incendiary damage.


  • The kill stacks for Anger cap at four and are reset when the weapon is swapped.
    • Kills must be made with the weapon itself. Using a different weapon and switching before the kill will not count towards the stack.
    • For each kill scored by the gun, one of the exhaust pipes on the side will start erupting flames, to a total of four.
  • The Amber Management has a unique animated skin.
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