Amber Management is a unique assault rifle in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Torgue. Amber Management is obtained from the mission Homeopathological.

Special Weapon Effects

Will end your soul. – Always incendiary. Kills in Anger increase damage by 25% to a total of +100%. Direct hits with Happiness heals and removes Anger.

Usage & Description

The Amber Management is a largely mediocre weapon with its fixed element, limited bonus damage cap, low & inconsistent healing rate and the gun's overall unspectacular stats.


  • The kill stacks for Anger cap at four and are reset when the weapon is swapped.
    • Kills must be made with the weapon itself. Using a different weapon and switching before the kill will not count towards the stack.
    • For each kill scored by the gun, one of the exhaust pipes on the side will start erupting flames, to a total of four.
  • The Alternative Fire modes for the Amber Management are labeled as "Anger" and "Happiness".
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