Story Related

During Children of the Vault:

  • "That voice... is that another siren?" (after hearing Lilith in her head)
  • "Finally, I'm itching for a fight." (after Marcus drops her off)
  • "Surely you know who I am. The Tiger of Partali? Crime-fighter? Warrior for peace? Gch. It's Amara. (after introducing herself to Claptrap)
  • "So we're throwing stealth out the window?" (after Claptrap being loud while in stealth mode)
  • "Knocked out in the first round. Hnh. I thought Pandora was going to give me a challenge!" (after killing Shiv)
  • "I am Amara. Nice tattoos, Siren sister. You must be the voice in my head." (after introducing herself to Lilith)

During From the Ground Up:

  • "I'm always looking for new ways to take me enemies apart." (after finding a grenade mod)
  • "Ah. The Children of the Vault."
  • "I made my name beating down gangsters and taking out tyrants. I've won every fight I've ever been in, and I'm looking for a real challenge. Opening a Vault is the ultimate fight, right?" (on why she became a vault hunter)


Critical Kill:

  • "Nothing to it."

Reviving Ally:

  • "Relax. You'll be done in a jiff."

Out of Grenades:

  • "Yeah, need more grenades!"

Using Quick-Change Machine:

  • "I look good in anything, basically."

After Buying an Item From a Vending Machine:

  • "I like having things."

While Idle:

  • "To think I came up from the slums. Look at me now!"
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