Amara grows restless.

Todd Barlos: Amara, my favorite client! Great to see you, baby.

Amara: Don't call me baby. I'm the Tiger, remember?

Todd Barlos: Easy, easy, baby! Ghguhh! Okay, that—that was a mistake, tiger. THE Tiger! Put me down! Listen, I'm your agent. I'm lookin' out for you. And I'm telling ya, you've outgrown Partali. You've beat down the gangs, lifted up the people, but there's no one left to fight. Legends gotta keep being written, you know? Be reborn! Or they die.

Amara: That's why I'm leaving. I've heard of a place Sirens are drawn to—and now I feel it, too. Pandora.

Todd Barlos: Pandora? Hoo. That's a rough place, ba-Tiger. Lots of fights there. Cannibal bandits, vicious wildlife, even alien stuff.

Amara: I know, right? It's perfect.

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