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All the Little Creatures is an optional mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Rescue a group of defenseless animals from toxic sludge.


"An eco-warrior needs a pair of hands to rescue adorable animals from a toxic waste dump."



  • Go to pumping station
  • Close off polluting pipe
  • Rescue cuties
  • Kill not-so-cute torks: 0/5
  • Kill even-more-disgusting tork


This mission is available from the bounty board in Triton Flats, and takes place in Stanton's Liver. The pumping station is on the east side of the Stanton's Liver main area, down a set of stairs. There is a set of five pump controls, hand wheels with status lights above them, that control the outflow of toxic sludge from the main outflow pipe into The Duct.

The pump controls must be cycled in an order that turns all five status lights red. By activating the rightmost wheel followed by the center one (or vice versa), the outflow from the pipe will cease and the toxic sludge drain away.

The mission objective "Rescue cuties" will appear, and the compass way-point will point to the middle of The Duct. When The Duct is entered, torks will spawn and the objective will change to kill the torks. When five torks have been killed, an Even-More-Disgusting Tork will appear and must be killed. Once the torks are dispatched, the mission may be turned in at the Triton Flats bounty board.


"Who knew communing with nature could be so bloody? Or fun?"

Turn In: Bounty board

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