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All My BFF's is a tier 2 passive skill in FL4K's Stalker skill tree. This skill allows FL4K's allies to receive a portion of FL4K's total health regeneration. FL4K's pet receives twice the amount.


  • Rank 1: Allies Share 17% of FL4K's Health Regeneration.
  • Rank 2: Allies Share 33% of FL4K's Health Regeneration.
  • Rank 3: Allies Share 50% of FL4K's Health Regeneration.


  • All My BFF's will share the health regeneration from all skills, class mods, artifacts and guns that grant health regeneration.
  • By using a class mod such as Friend-Bot that gives 3 additional points to the skill, allies will have the same health regeneration that FL4K has.

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