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Ajax is a Lance Rocketeer boss who appears in the third DLC, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. He is considered to be a particularly deadly and brutal commander, with even Athena expressing fear towards him, also explaining that he makes other Lance commanders on Pandora look like kittens in comparison.


Ajax spawns in Road's End when the side mission This Bitch is Payback, pt. 2 is accepted.



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  • Ajax is a respawning boss.
  • When defeated, Ajax will drop Ajax's Spear.
  • One of the ECHO recorders for the mission Knoxxed Out is nearby.
  • If the mission Mop Up is active, Ajax counts as a Badass. Like other Badasses, he does not count as his base Lance Rocketeer category.


  • Ajax was a mythological Greek hero from Homer's Iliad.