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Air Mail is a location-based challenge in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage. To perform this challenge in The Forge, it is required to comlete Tier 3 Battle: Twelve O'Clock High mission. It is worth 4 Badass Rank.


The objectives are to gather "bling" that drops from Cargo Buzzards when blasted off, and to destroy the Escort Buzzards providing cover for the transports. The Tier 3 missions also have a 5 minute time limit to complete these two objectives.

Both types of buzzard are vulnerable to corrosive damage, and fast, accurate weapons are recommended for hitting the aerial targets. Spamming automatic fire from such a weapon tends to be more effective than precision targeting, due to the need to beat the time limit, so characters may need to have some consideration dedicated to their defensive set up as they will probably need to be exposed more so than sniping from cover. Corrosive assault rifles and shotguns are therefore ideal weapon choices, and explosive damage resistance and absorb shields can help to mitigate incoming damage.


  • This mission is at Level 50 and the adventurers are well advised not to accept it before leveling up accordingly.