Adrenaline Initiative is a unique shield exclusive to the Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC for Borderlands 3 and is manufactured by Anshin. It is a guaranteed drop from Vincent.

Special Weapon Effects

You're only given a little spark... – 0 shield capacity. Increases weapon damage, reload speed, max health, and reduces damage taken.

Usage & Description

Similar to the Rough Rider, the Adrenaline Initiative shield is considered as both full and depleted at all times, but not as active. It works well with skills that are activated when a shield is depleted as those will be kept active.


  • This shield has fixed parts.
  • As Vincent doesn't respawn after he's killed, farming this shield is only possible by creating a back-up of the save file before the quest is turned in or by starting the DLC with a new character save file.
  • The Deathless artifact does not increase the Adrenaline Initiative's shield capacity. Using both at the same time is a poor choice as the character will only have 1 point of health with no shield.
  • Using this shield will prevent the character from gaining the benefit of the Topped Off guardian rank perk.
  • The Adrenaline Initiative does not have stats that are affected by the shield's level.


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