Adaptive Viruses are the basic variety of viruses encountered in the Claptastic Voyage DLC from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.



The Adaptive Virus's unique feature is that after taking elemental damage, it will morph into a version resistant to that elemental type. For instance, it might become a Corrosive-Adapted Virus and will take little to no corrosive damage at all. The effect does wear off over time and ends with a nova blast of the element the virus was adapted to. If using elemental weapons, this necessitates weapon swapping in order to maintain combat effectiveness. Using barrels or Volatile Bits can be an effective way to force Viruses to adopt desired adaptations.

Adaptive Viruses do not absorb explosive elemental attacks, nor will they react when non-elemental weapons are used. Since they will have trouble adapting to two elements quickly, multi-elemental weapons, such as the Thunderfire, Frostfire, and the Boomacorn can easily take them out. The E-GUN is also effective, as it deals non-elemental damage and they are considered to be flesh targets.

Adaptive Viruses can attack with either a melee attack or ranged attack of a lobbed projectile.


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