Actualizer is a Seraph submachine gun manufactured by Hyperion.​ The Actualizer is obtained from trading with the Seraph Vendor in Oasis or from killing Hyperius the Invincible.

Special Weapon Effects

We need to talk about your DPS report. – Increased damage. Decreased projectile speed. Expanded magazine size. Extended reload time. Decreased accuracy, but with improved starting accuracy.

Usage & Description

The Actualizer is a very high damage weapon, having the highest single-pellet damage of any SMG in Borderlands 2, almost double that of its nearest competitor and slightly higher than that of a Plasma Caster. This high damage does not come at the cost of fire rate, giving the Actualizer an impressive damage-per-second rating. Instead the high damage is offset by the weapon's reload speed, taking around a full five seconds to reload. This breaks up the long-term damage-per-second of the weapon, and also makes it reload more slowly than most rocket launchers.

Like all Oasis Seraph weapons, the Actualizer suffers from reduced accuracy and projectile speed. This is partially offset by the listed "+200% Accuracy" bonus which improves the weapon's starting accuracy, giving the weapon a tighter initial spread than most Hyperion Plasma Casters. This also means that the Hyperion "more accurate as you fire" effect pushes the weapon to its maximum accuracy more quickly than on standard Hyperion SMGs. However, at its most accurate the Actualizer still has a larger spread than any non-unique Bandit-brand SMG, and this combined with the slow projectile speed limits its usable range.

Despite its high listed damage, the Actualizer is still outperformed by many other legendary or unique SMGs. The Bitch, a legendary Hyperion SMG, has the same fire rate and a lower listed damage compared to the Actualizer, but has a larger magazine size, faster reload speed, higher accuracy, achieves maximum accuracy faster, and does more damage on critical hit. Beyond that other SMGs—even common SMGs—may be more desirable choices for specific characters given the Actualizer's reduced usable range and surprisingly high reload time.


  • Along with the Ahab, Seraphim, and Tattler, the Actualizer was altered first in a hotfix and later in Patch 1.4.0. The weapon's damage was improved by about 50% and its magazine size was increased by about 35%, while its reload time was lengthened.


  • The flavour text is a reference to the movie Office Space where there is a quote that goes: "We need to talk about your TPS report".
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