An Acrobat Oz Kit is a common variant of Oz Kit manufactured by Hyperion.

Special Effects

While worn, an Acrobat Oz Kit grants a significant boost to movement control whilst the wearer is airborne. This effect can be used to aid in precision jumping where it is difficult to change directions with other Oz Kits.

Acrobat Oz Kits also grant a respectable bonus to melee damage whilst airborne, which can be utilized to great effect by Athena when specced into her Blood Rush skill, making a midair dash even more effective.

The final note of significance with Acrobat Oz Kits is that after a successfully executed slam, there is a temporary boost (that lasts about 3 seconds) to movement speed. Depending on the percentage of increase, this can nearly double sprinting speed, which can make hasty retreats easier, and help in making traveling long distances less tedious.


  • While not technically classed as an Acrobat Oz Kit, the legendary 3DD1.E features an Acrobat Oz Kit's bonus to airborne movement control.
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