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Accessories are attachments sometimes found on weapons as enhancements. These include but are not limited to: Elemental Damage, Critical hit modifiers, Damage modifiers, Melee damage modifiers, Fire rate modifiers, and Accuracy modifiers. Accessories vary from weapon class to weapon class. Some can be exclusive to a certain Manufacturer. Examples are seen on Gun Component Charts.

Current accessories:

Combat Rifles[]

Part Name Attributes Part Code
Intense -15% Spread, +50% Critical Hit gd_weap_combat_rifle.acc.acc2_Intense
Deathly -25% Recoil, +20% Damage, -25% Accuracy Regen Rate gd_weap_combat_rifle.acc.acc4_Deathly
Corrosive -40% Damage, Adds Corrosive gd_weap_combat_rifle.acc.acc3_Corrosive
Incendiary -40% Damage, Adds Incendiary gd_weap_combat_rifle.acc.acc5_Incendiary
Explosive -40% Damage, Adds Explosive gd_weap_combat_rifle.acc.acc5_Explosive
Shock -40% Damage, Adds Shock gd_weap_combat_rifle.acc.acc3_Shock

Support Machineguns[]

In addition to the following, Support Machineguns can have one of the Combat Rifle accessories listed above.

Part Name Attributes Part Code
Frantic +30% Fire Rate, -60% Reload Speed gd_weap_support_machinegun.acc.acc1_Frantic
Shattering +30% Damage, -60% Reload Speed gd_weap_support_machinegun.acc.acc1_Shattering
Draco Incendiary +80% Mag Size, -100% Spread, -25% Recoil, Adds Incendiary gd_weap_support_machinegun.acc.acc4_SandS_Draco_Incendiary
Ogre Explosive +15% Damage, Adds Explosive gd_weap_support_machinegun.acc.acc5_Atlas_Ogre_Explosive

Combat Shotguns[]

Part Name Attributes Part Code
Jagged +150% Melee Damage gd_weap_combat_shotgun.acc.acc1_Jagged
Frenzied +40% Fire Rate gd_weap_combat_shotgun.acc.acc2_Frenzied
Hydra Terrible +3 Projectiles, -100% Spread, +35% Damage, Adds Special Spread gd_weap_combat_shotgun.acc.acc4_Atlas_Hydra
Terrible +13% Damage, +23% Knockback gd_weap_combat_shotgun.acc.acc4_Terrible
Friendly Fire Incendiary Adds Incendiary, Adds Special Spread gd_weap_combat_shotgun.acc.acc5_Torgue_FriendlyFire
Corrosive -40% Damage, Adds Corrosive gd_weap_combat_shotgun.acc.acc3_Corrosive
Explosive -40% Damage, Adds Explosive gd_weap_combat_shotgun.acc.acc5_Explosive
Incendiary -40% Damage, Adds Incendiary gd_weap_combat_shotgun.acc.acc5_Incendiary
Shock -40% Damage, Adds Shock gd_weap_combat_shotgun.acc.acc3_Shock

Assault Shotguns[]

In addition to the following, Assault Shotguns can have the Combat Shotgun explosive, corrosive, or shock accessories listed above. (Assault shotguns are never incendiary.)

Part Name Attributes Part Code
Spiked +100% Melee Damage[1] gd_weap_assault_shotgun.acc.acc1_Spiked
Raging +20% Fire Rate, -20% Reload Speed gd_weap_assault_shotgun.acc.acc2_Raging
Plague Corrosive -20% Damage, Adds Corrosive gd_weap_assault_shotgun.acc.acc3_Maliwan_Corrosive_Plague
Painful +13% Damage, +23% Knockback gd_weap_assault_shotgun.acc.acc4_Painful
Crux Explosive +20% Damage, -30% Reload Speed, -200% Spread, +5 Mag Size, Adds Special Spread gd_weap_assault_shotgun.acc.acc5_SandSCrux
Hammer Explosive +50% Damage, +2 Mag Size, Adds Special Spread gd_weap_assault_shotgun.acc.acc5_Vladof_Hammer

Repeater Pistols[]

Part Name Attributes Part Code
Fanged +100% Melee Damage gd_weap_repeater_pistol.acc.acc1_Fanged
Lacerator +200% Melee Damage, increased weapon equip speed gd_weap_repeater_pistol.acc.acc1_Lacerator
Troll Heal -100% Recoil, +1 Health regen per second, +100% Accuracy Regen Rate gd_weap_repeater_pistol.acc.acc2_Atlas_Troll
Stabilizer -100% Recoil, +100% Accuracy Regen Rate gd_weap_repeater_pistol.acc.acc2_Stabilizer
Laser Sight +10% Accuracy Regen Rate gd_weap_repeater_pistol.acc.acc3_LaserSight
Double +1 Shot Cost, +1 Projectile, +75% Spread, -18% Damage, +20% Mag Size gd_weap_repeater_pistol.acc.acc4_DoubleShot
Gemini Double +1 Projectile, +2 Burst Count, +60% Mag Size gd_weap_repeater_pistol.acc.acc4_SandS_Gemini
Corrosive -40% Damage, Adds Corrosive gd_weap_repeater_pistol.acc.acc5_Corrosive
Explosive -40% Damage, Adds Explosive gd_weap_repeater_pistol.acc.acc5_Explosive
Incendiary -40% Damage, Adds Incendiary gd_weap_repeater_pistol.acc.acc5_Incendiary
Shock -40% Damage, Adds Shock gd_weap_repeater_pistol.acc.acc5_Shock
Hornet Corrosive +15% Damage, +100% Recoil, +200% Burst Count, +150% Fire Rate, Adds Corrosive gd_weap_repeater_pistol.acc.acc5_Hornet_Dahl_Corrosive
Firehawk Incendiary +10% Damage, -70% Spread, Adds Incendiary gd_weap_repeater_pistol.acc.acc5_Maliwan_Firehawk

Machine Pistols[]

In addition to the following, Machine Pistols can have one of the Repeater Pistol accessories listed above.

Part Name Attributes Part Code
Cold +100% Accuracy Regen Rate, -300% Projectile Speed, -100% Recoil, +70% Damage, +200% Knockback gd_weap_machine_pistol.acc.acc2_Cold
Rage Adds the Rage Title that contains the following stats: +500% Burst Count, +100% Recoil +100% Fire Rate gd_weap_machine_pistol.acc.acc2_Rage
Reaper Heal +0.6 Health Regen (per slash), +300% Melee Damage[2], +25% Fire Rate, -25% Spread gd_weap_machine_pistol.acc.acc1_Hyperion_Reaper


Part Name Attributes Part Code
Bladed +100% Melee Damage gd_weap_revolver_pistol.acc.acc1_Bladed
Razor +200% Melee Damage, increased weapon equip speed gd_weap_revolver_pistol.acc.acc1_Razor
Masher +6 Projectiles, +200% Spread, -200% Damage, +100% Recoil gd_weap_revolver_pistol.acc.acc2_Masher
Stabilizer +50% Accuracy Regen Rate, -20% Recoil gd_weap_revolver_pistol.acc.acc4_stabilized
Corrosive -40% Damage, Adds Corrosive gd_weap_revolver_pistol.acc.acc3_Corrosive
Explosive -40% Damage, Adds Explosive gd_weap_revolver_pistol.acc.acc5_Explosive
Incendiary -40% Damage, Adds Incendiary gd_weap_revolver_pistol.acc.acc5_Incendiary
Shock -40% Damage, Adds Shock gd_weap_revolver_pistol.acc.acc3_Shock
Defiler Corrosive +15% Damage, Adds Corrosive gd_weap_revolver_pistol.acc.acc3_Maliwan_Defiler_Corrosive
Chimera Explosive Adds All Elements gd_weap_revolver_pistol.acc.acc5_Atlas_Chimera


Part Name Attributes Part Code
Recoiless -300% Spread, -300% Recoil gd_weap_rocket_launcher.acc.acc1_Recoiless
Evil +50% Projectile Speed, +30% Fire Rate gd_weap_rocket_launcher.acc.acc2_Evil
Devastating +35% Damage gd_weap_rocket_launcher.acc.acc4_Devastating
Corrosive Adds Corrosive gd_weap_rocket_launcher.acc.acc3_Corrosive
Shock Adds Shock gd_weap_rocket_launcher.acc.acc3_Shock
Incendiary Adds Incendiary gd_weap_rocket_launcher.acc.acc5_Incendiary


Part Name Attributes Part Code
Relentless +20% Fire Rate gd_weap_patrol_smg.acc.acc1_Relentless
Ruthless -45% Recoil, -53% Reload Speed gd_weap_patrol_smg.acc.acc2_Ruthless
Vector +45% Fire Rate, -200% Recoil, -53% Reload Speed gd_weap_patrol_smg.acc.acc2_Vector
Double -18% Damage, +1 Shot Cost, +1 Projectile Count, +75% Spread, +20% Mag Size gd_weap_patrol_smg.acc.acc4_Double
Corrosive -40% Damage, Adds Corrosive gd_weap_patrol_smg.acc.acc3_Corrosive
Explosive -20% Damage, Adds Explosive gd_weap_patrol_smg.acc.acc5_Explosive
Shock -40% Damage, Adds Shock gd_weap_patrol_smg.acc.acc3_Shock
Incendiary -40% Damage, Adds Incendiary gd_weap_patrol_smg.acc.acc5_Incendiary
Hellfire Incendiary Adds Incendiary gd_weap_patrol_smg.acc.acc5_Maliwan_HellFire

Sniper Rifles[]

Part Name Attributes Part Code
Rolling -100% Reload Speed gd_weap_sniper_rifle.acc.acc1_Rolling
Heavy +18% Damage, +18% Recoil gd_weap_sniper_rifle.acc.acc4_Heavy
Long -25% Spread gd_weap_sniper_rifle.acc.acc5_Long
Corrosive -40% Damage, Adds Corrosive gd_weap_sniper_rifle.acc.acc3_Corrosive
Explosive -40% Damage, Adds Explosive gd_weap_sniper_rifle.acc.acc2_Explosive
Shock -40% Damage, Adds Shock gd_weap_sniper_rifle.acc.acc3_Shock
Incendiary -40% Damage, Adds Incendiary gd_weap_sniper_rifle.acc.acc2_Incendiary
Volcano Incendiary +25% Fire Rate, Adds Incendiary gd_weap_sniper_rifle.acc.acc2_Maliwan_Volcano_Incendiary

Semi-auto Sniper Rifles[]

In addition to the following, Semi-auto sniper rifles can have one of the Sniper rifle elemental accessories listed above.

Part Name Attributes Part Code
Brisk +50% Fire Rate, -50% Reload Speed gd_weap_sniper_rifle_semiauto.acc.acc1_Brisk
Deep +30% Damage gd_weap_sniper_rifle_semiauto.acc.acc4_Deep
Sober +50% Accuracy Regen Rate, -30% Spread gd_weap_sniper_rifle_semiauto.acc.acc5_Sober
Cobra Explosive -50% Fire Rate, Adds Explosive gd_weap_sniper_rifle_semiauto.acc.acc2_Explosive_Torgue_Cobra
Orion Shock +4 Mag Size, Adds Shock gd_weap_sniper_rifle_semiauto.acc.acc3_SandS_Orion_Shock

DLC 3 Pearlescent[]

Part Name Attributes Part Code
Aries Heal +30% Damage, Adds Shock, Adds Health Steal Ability dlc3_gd_weap_UniqueParts.RevolverPistol.acc5_Heal_AtlasAries
Nemesis Shock -60% Spread, +25% Damage, Adds Shock/Corrosive dlc3_gd_weap_UniqueParts.RepeaterPistol.acc5_Shock_HyperionNemesis
Tsunami Shock -100% Spread, +10% Damage, Adds Shock/Corrosive dlc3_gd_weap_UniqueParts.SMG.acc3_Maliwan_Tsunami
Serpens Corrosive -25% Accuracy Regen Rate, -25% Recoil, -100% Spread, +15% Damage, +80% Mag Size, Adds Corrosive, Adds Special Trajectory dlc3_gd_weap_UniqueParts.SupportMachineGun.acc4_SandS_Serpens


Part Name Attributes Part Code
The Clipper Incendiary -40% Damage, +100% Melee Damage, Adds Incendiary gd_weap_machine_pistol.UniqueParts.TheClipper_acc5_Incendiary
Madjack Explosive -40% Damage, Adds Explosive, Adds Special Trajectory/Ricochet gd_weap_revolver_pistol.UniqueParts.MadJack_acc5_Explosive
The Roaster Incendiary Adds Incendiary gd_weap_rocket_launcher.UniqueParts.TheRoaster_acc5_Incendiary
Typhoon Vector +45% Fire Rate, -200% Recoil, -53% Reload Speed, Adds Special Trajectory/Ricochet dlc3_gd_weap_UniqueParts.SMG.acc2_Typhoon
The Chopper Deathly -25% Accuracy Regen Rate, +200% Spread, +2000 Burst Count, +3 Projectile Count, +5 Shot Cost, +500 Mag Size, +100% Fire Rate, +100% Recoil dlc3_gd_weap_UniqueParts.SupportMachineGun.acc4_TheChopper

Note: the "Typhoon" and "The Chopper" are weapons from The Secret Armory of General Knoxx expansion.


Some accessories have further stat modifiers, which have been omitted here for clarity.

  1. Uniquely among melee accessories, the Spiked damage bonus is additive, rather than multiplicative.
  2. The Reaper's melee damage boost is bugged and does not provide the intended effect.