Absolute Zero is a legendary laser exclusive to the Claptastic Voyage DLC for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and is manufactured by Maliwan. It can be obtained as a rare drop from EOS.

Special Weapon Effects

In this universe, there is only one absolute. – Always cryo. Greatly reduced magazine size. Increased damage and elemental effect chance.

Usage & Description

The Absolute Zero excels at one thing in particular: freezing targets. Its high freeze chance and high rate of fire (due to its beam nature) more than guarantee that an enemy will freeze when hit, but its effectiveness as an actual weapon is limited by its extremely low magazine size, usually giving it less than a second of continuous firing time.

As a result, the Absolute Zero should be used as a tool to freeze important targets, before switching to a better offensive weapon to finish them off.


  • Wilhelm's Laser Focus increases laser magazine size by flat values, not percentages, so at 5/5 and 10/5 it doubles and triples the Absolute Zero's magazine size, respectively.
  • Claptrap's Load 'n' Splode and Start With a Bang synergize directly with frequent reloads, which in turn synergizes with frozen enemies taking increased explosive damage, making the Absolute Zero a potentially devastating weapon in the hands of an explosive-oriented Claptrap player.
  • Nisha's Quick Shot and Hell's Comin' With Me! grant significant bonuses upon reloading.


  • The flavor text is a reference to Mr. Freeze, a super-villain appearing primarily in Batman comic books published by DC Comics. The full quote is "In this universe, there is only one absolute: Everything freezes".
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