Absolute Zero is a legendary laser manufactured by Maliwan added in the Claptastic Voyage. It can be obtained as a rare drop by EOS.

Special Weapon Effects

In this universe, there is only one absolute. – Always cryo. Greatly reduced magazine size. Increased damage and elemental effect chance.

Usage & Description

The Absolute Zero excels at freezing targets at close range. It has a short-medium effective range, high freeze chance, and high rate of fire, and a small magazine size.


  • Wilhelm's Laser Focus increases laser magazine size by flat values, not percentages, so at 5/5 and 10/5 it doubles and triples the Absolute Zero's magazine size, respectively.
  • Claptrap's Load 'n' Splode and Start With a Bang synergize directly with frequent reloads, which in turn synergizes with frozen enemies taking increased explosive damage, making the Absolute Zero a potentially devastating weapon in the hands of an explosive-oriented Claptrap player.
  • Nisha's Quick Shot and Hell's Comin' With Me! grant significant bonuses upon reloading.


  • The flavor text is a reference to Mr. Freeze, a super-villain appearing primarily in Batman comic books published by DC Comics. The full quote is "In this universe, there is only one absolute: Everything freezes".
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