A Warm Welcome is the first story mission in Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty. It is acquired automatically upon entry to Oasis for the first time.



  • Head to Oasis Town
  • Clear Oasis of pirates
  • Kill No-Beard
  • Find Shade


Shortly after arrival in Oasis, Shade ECHOs a plea for assistance from a band of Sand Pirates. The pirates have overrun the town and must be eliminated. Once these have been dealt with, a subsequent objective to kill their leader, No-Beard arises.

While the pirates consist of very basic units, No-Beard presents tougher opposition. He is a physically robust opponent with a high life value and a powerful gun. His fortitude comes at the expense of mobility, and he will stalk the main street at a walking pace, making no effort to seek cover. In True Vault Hunter Mode his damage output is high enough that it may become necessary for attackers to scramble to the rooftops where No-Beard's attacks can be reduced to a very narrow fire angle.


"You've cleared Oasis of pirates and met the eccentric Shade. Now it's time to roll up your sleeves (metaphorically), get dirty (metaphorically), and properly begin your quest to find a butt-load of loot (non-metaphorically)."

Turn In: Shade

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