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(Vault Hunter accepts the mission.)

Mal: I know why I still don't feel human -- I don't have limbs! I hear those bandits have tons of limbs to spare. You could ask them for a few!

(Mission objectives update: Collect limbs 0/5)

(As the Vault Hunter leaves the camp ...)

Mal: If you are less fortunate than me, I will pitty you! If you are more fortunate, I will secretly loathe you! Humanity!

(Vault Hunter goes out to bandit camps and starts to collect limbs.)

(1 set of linbs collected.)

Mal: Those sure are some quality limbs!

Mal: Could you get a few more?

Mal: I'd like to have a wide variety to choose from!

Mal: We humans love choices!

(Last set of limbs collected.)

Mal: So many limbs... I can't wait to try them out! Come on back!

(Mission objectives update: Give limbs to MAl)

(Vault Hunter gives limbs to Mal.)

Mal: Yes, these limbs are clearly the best! Humanity, here I come!

(Mission objectives update: TURN IN!)

(Vault Hunter turns in the mission to Mal.)

Mal: Hi! I'm human! I eat food, and desire things! I'm in credit card debt and have a wife for whom I feel nothing!

Mal: Aw. Still doesn't feel right.