A History of Simulated Violence is a story mission in Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack Two: Digistruct Peak Challenge.



"Gauntlets, gore and godhood await!"

  • Assemble to begin the training
  • Kill enemies
  • Continue to the next area
  • Kill more enemies
  • Kill more enemies still
  • Befriend enemies just kidding kill them
    • Pick up Snow Onions 0/5 (optional)
  • Proceed to the elevator exit.


To begin the mission, head through the opened door which leads to Deprivation Depot. Kill all the Skags that spawn and move onto the next area and kill additional bandits and skags. Head to the next area located under the large sign past the ammo vending machine.

Jump down to the lower part of the level to Butcher Base. Here you will face a new type of enemy, SPR-TNK, a four legged, spider-like robot. Kill both robots and a few skags and head into the walled stronghold, called Head Shot Headquarters. Kill the various bandits here and move into the next called Obliteration Station. You can also get the optional objective to pick up 5 Snow Onions from a nearby garden.

Once the bandits here have been killed, move through the opened door and drop down to the lower level called Decimation Destination. Kill the bandits and skags and head up the stairs to the next level. Head over the bridge and drop down to the Colosseum of Laceration.

In this area you will face off against the assassins from the previous side mission Assassinate the Assassins: Reeth, Rouf, Wot and Oney. Once they are defeated it concludes the mission. You will receive the following message:

"You have completed the Raid on Digistruct Peak!

Try completing it again at level 72 to unlock Overpowered Enemies feature."

Head up the elevator and speak to Tannis, who will reward you with XP and a unique character head. At this point you can repeat the gauntlet with the following quest, "More History of Simulated Violence". It is identical, but enemies will be slightly tougher. Only once you reach level 72 will Overpower enemies and loot appear.


"Congratulations, You've successfully killed a bunch of simulated living organisms. And also in the gauntlet."

Turn In: Tannis


1840 XP, Head customization:

Axton Gaige Krieg Maya Salvador Zer0
BL2-Axton-Head-Crown of Bones BL2-Gaige-Head-Neverending and Gory BL2-Krieg-Head-WEAR YOUR TORSO LIKE A HAT Maya Blight 600px-Bl2pointedargument BL2-Zer0-Head-The Dark Within


  • The name of this mission is a reference to the 1997 graphic novel, A History of Violence
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