A Hard Place is the fourth story mission in Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary. The mission is performed, starting at The Backburner and continuing in Dahl Abandon and The Burrows.


"With the help of Talon, you found Mordecai on the way to Cassius' lab. You arrived just in time to help Mordecai defend against New Pandora soldiers, but not before they managed to infect him with the mutagenic gas. It's only a matter of time before he turns into a vine freak. It's now more urgent than ever that you get the antidote from Cassius."



  • Head to The Burrows
  • Melee the secret entrance
  • Enter The Burrows
  • Reach Helios crash site
  • Follow Brick
  • Disable east shield
  • Disable west shield
  • Destroy east generator
  • Destroy west generator
  • Clear area



"The door to Cassius' lab is locked, so you'll have to blast it down with a giant cannon. Somehow, you always knew it would come to this."

Turn In: Brick

Mission Transcript

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