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Collect sulphur samples and kill Helob and Widowmaker


  • Retching Seeps sample
  • Widowmaker killed
  • Fetid Cauldron sample
  • Helob killed


Given the plant growth I've observed outside of New Haven, I suspect there is a component in the sulfur springs which act as fertilizer for Pandora's native flora. To test my theory, I need samples both from The Retching Seeps and The Fetid Cauldron. I'd do it myself, but each location is guarded by a nasty spiderant! Eliminate these nuisances, and I'll be able to conduct further tests without the need for assistance.


The Retching Seeps is right outside of Old Haven, by the bridge. It will be flashing green. When you use it, a giant spiderant, Widowmaker, will pop out. The easiest way to kill him/her is to splatter him/her. Your car will be heavily damaged, but he/she will be dead. The next location is south of the Cauldron Fast Travel, which follows the same exact pattern as this one. Get the sample, splatter the spiderant. Return to the board for your reward.

An alternate strategy for those who wish to fight these named spiderants on foot (thus without the reduced XP of hitting them with a car) is to get close to Widowmaker or Helob while positioning a large, tall obstacle between you two.  Because of the nearness between you two, neither spiderant will jump up and over the obstacle to attack you in melee.  At the same time, the obstacle will block their ranged attacks.  You can quickly run to each side of the obstacle to take potshots at the spiderants and then take cover before they follow you around the obstacle.  Because spiderants take time to turn, a quickly moving player can easily shoot at their exposed abdomens.


Excellent work! I will begin testing these samples right away. Perhaps this study will eventually lead to profitable agriculture on Pandora! Here is your reward for helping an old chemist with his bug problem.

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