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|location = [[Lumber Yard]]
|location = [[Lumber Yard]]
|given = Jakobs Claptrap
|given = Jakobs Claptrap
|level = Level 27 (Variable)
|level = 27 (Variable)
|rewards = 3480XP, $5331
|rewards = 3480XP, $5331
|previous = [[Hitching A Ride]]
|previous = [[Hitching A Ride]]
|next = [[Night of the Living Ned (mission)|Night of the Living Ned]]
|next = [[Night of the Living Ned (mission)|Night of the Living Ned]]
|dlc = Zombie Island of Dr. Ned

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A Bridge Too Ned provides you with the means to access the drawbridge leading into the The Mill which is reached through the Lumber Yard.


The drawbridge between the Lumber Yard and The Mill was raised to prevent the the zombies from reaching The Mill.



Lower the bridge near the mill so you can reach Dr. Ned.
  • Lowered Bridge: 0/1
"Jakobs has hired you to take care of Dr. Ned once and for all. You can find him hidden deep in the Jakobs lumber mill, but the zombie-impeding bridge near the mill needs to be lowered first."


Head to the drawbridge in the Lumber Yard. Use the device Jakobs'Claptrap gave you.
Once again you have to fight off a crap ton of zombies while you wait for the bridge to lower. They swarm from all sides. Once you have defeated all of them you can click on the gate of the drawbridge to turn in the quest and get the next part.


"Now that the bridge is down you can proceed to the mill to find Dr. Ned."

Additional Information


Nearby Missions

  • Here We Go Again - Along the way you will be able to find these people. Two before the drawbridge and two after it.

2nd Playthrough

  • Level = ?
  • Reward = XP, Money, Item


The Mission "A Bridge Too Ned" is a reference to the movie "A Bridge Too Far"

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