A Bridge Too Ned is a story mission in The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned given by the Jakobs Representative Claptrap. It provides the player with the means to access the drawbridge leading into the The Mill which is reached through the Lumber Yard.


"Jakobs has hired you to take care of Dr. Ned once and for all. You can find him hidden deep in the Jakobs lumber mill, but the zombie-impeding bridge near the mill needs to be lowered first."


A Bridge Too Ned

A Bridge Too Ned

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Lower the bridge near the mill so you can reach Dr. Ned.
  • Lowered Bridge


Head to the drawbridge in the Lumber Yard. Use the device the Jakobs Claptrap gave you.
Once again numerous zombies have to be fought off while the bridge lowers. They swarm from all sides. Once all of them are defeated, click on the gate of the drawbridge to turn in the mission and get the next part.


"Now that the bridge is down you can proceed to the mill to find Dr. Ned."

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  • Name of mission, "A Bridge Too Ned" is a reference to the movie "A Bridge Too Far".


  • Dr. Ned, 1st message: "Try not to hurt your girl parts on the multitudes of minions I've set upon you."
  • Dr. Ned, 2nd message: "Do you need a band-aid? Zombies can cut awful deep, you know. I am a doctor after all. Though, if you get all hurt and bothered I'll prolly just let you up and die on account of you discoverin' my evil plans and all."
  • Dr. Ned, 3rd message: "I'm baking brownies, you want one? Oh shit, wait. I forgot about me trying to shove you off this mortal coil. Can't be givin' brownies to just any vengeance driven d-wad now can I? Hey, you know if zombies like brownies?"
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